120S-F2-CPB8090 5% Compound Fireworks

Item No.: 120S-F2-CPB8090 5%
Shape  :  Square +Square  + Fan+ Square MIX 
Powder:  1505.1g
Shots  :120s (25+25+36+34)
Tube size:25*30*175  , 30*36*175mm
Item size:  530*300*185mm
CAT. :F2
D.C  :1.4G
A:Red tail to silver spider red glittering,
B:Green tail to silver spider green glittering,
C:Green tail to green star white plum,
D:Blue tail to blue star white plum,
E:Red tail to time rain.

A:Red tail to Ti-gold coconut white glittering,
B:Green tail to brocade gold glittering,
C:Green tail to purple star blue star green glittering,
D:Blue tail to blue star lemon star green glittering,
E:Red tail to gold chrysanthemum.

A:Red tail to silver swimming star red glittering,
B:Blue tail to silver swimming blue star,
C:Green tail to silver swimming green glittering.

A:Red tail to red spider blue star,
B:Green tail to green spider blue star,
C:Red tail to red star sky blue star,
D:Green tail to gold chrysanthemum,
E:Blue tail to brocade Ti-gold coconut crackling.