45-100S-COM-M 100 shots compound fireworks

Item No.: 45-100S-COM-M
Shape  : Fan +Square +Fan +Square
Packing: 1/4
Powder: 1434.75g
Shots  : 100s (30+20+30+20)
Tube size:25*30*225 , 30*36*225mm
Item size :  330*355*235mm
CAT. :F2
D.C  :1.4G
1st row green coconut tail burst green star and red plum; green coconut tail burst blue star nd red plum; 
2nd row bocade tail burst orange star and yellow plum; brocade tail burst purple star and yellow plum; 
3rd row silver spinning tail burst red glittering and white glittering

1st row gold coconut tail burst ti-gold coconu spit purpl dahlia; 
2nd row red tail burst red blue gold glittering spit silver spinning.

Gold chrys mine gold tail burst silver swimming star and gold chrys

1st row Red tail burst red hydrangea and green glittering; 
green tail burst green hydrangea and white glittering; 
2nd row Gold tail burst purple, lemon, sea blue dahlia and crackle star.