131S-F2-CPB8015 Mixed shape 131 shots Compound Imperial Pyro Show F2

Item No.: 131S-F2-CPB8015
Shape : Mixed
Tube size :25*30*175mm
A:Red glittering mine silver cylinder;
B:White glittering mine green cylinder;
C:Blue tail spit crackling and silver fish;  
D:Whistle tail spit super white glittering;
E:Red tail spit gold chrysanthemum 

A:Blue tail spit blue star with silver fish;
B:Green tail to silver spider and green glittering;
C:Red tail to double lasi and red glittering;
D:Blue tail to sky blue star and gold glittering;
E:Blue tail to brocade crown and Crackling star;
F:Brocade crown mine.

A:Red tail to red star;blue star and white glittering;
B:Blue tail to gold spider and blue star;
C:Green tail to purple coconut and Crackling star;
D:Green tail to silver spider and green glittering ;
E:Red tail to chrysanthemum; F:chrysanthemum mine.

A:Gold tail to brocade crown and white glittering;
B:Ti-gold coconut mine;
C:Ti-gold coconut mine;gold tail to brocade crown and gold glittering;
D:Ti-gold coconut mine;gold tail to flower crown.